Who Are You?

It’s a pity that a lot of Christians are lost even without realising it. They just see themselves as Christians without even having an indept understanding of who they are.

I’ll like you to understand that Christianity is not just a religion but a WAY OF LIFE.

But firstly, let me first throw a simple question at you and please answer it genuinely;

Who is God to you?

This questions looks very simple and quite easy to understand. But the simple truth is, some of us do not have that deep connection with God enough for us to understand His place in our lives.

Even though a lot of us call God different names because these names enumerate qualities of a supreme being.

The names are powerful, they give hope, peace and assurance but still, if you don’t see God as your Father, you can never come to the realization of who you are or what your purpose is.

God is our Father. He is our compassionate Father.

Who are you?

You are special. Yes you, I mean, you are special!

Sometimes, I ponder and wonder about the time and effort God invested in creating humankind in His very own image and likeness.

Imagine the power and authority He has placed in our hands.

Of course, we can never be God but when you look at it, we are partial replica of who God is. That show’s how important we are to Him.

God is telling you today that;

You are not just an ordinary person; you are a child of the living God.
You are a heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ.
You are not just a sinner, you are a new creation in Jesus.
You a part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.
You are part of God’s CHOSEN people.

What an amazing privilege right?

Why do we need to know who we are?
1.To have a strong foundation to build our life on.
2.To have a great revelation of the power of God that is available to us.
3.To help live our life as God intended and fulfil our destiny.
4.To help us build a stronger faith in God.
5.To remove fear of the future (Romans 8:14-1).

Once you’ve found your place with God, you can then understand your purpose.

Know this; “the discovery of who you are is a determinant of your purpose in life”.

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