Why do certain things, which in themselves have little or no real value, or which are of little importance, seem so important to us?

Parents know that there can often be wars in the home because a child wants at all costs to do or have something that actually has no real value.

Why do we find certain things so important?

I remember that, at the age of high school, having long hair seemed extremely important to me. Today, I realize that this doesn’t matter at all. So why did this seem so important to me in those years?

Something similar happens to many people who consider the way they dress or other aspects of appearance extremely important, when in reality, what one wears does not change the real person. So why does appearance seem so important to so many people? What actually changes if you are or are not dressed in fashion? So why does it seem so important?

There are so many examples of things that we consider important but that, in reality, have little or no real importance.

In our society, for example, just think of the fans of a team. In any game, the mood of the supporters is closely linked to the progress of the team, especially if it reaches the championship. Why is the progress of that team so important for a fan, when usually he has never had the opportunity to meet a player of your team in person? Furthermore, whether the team wins or loses, nothing changes in the life of the fan! So why is the performance of his team so important to him?

Why do we consider things so important that in reality they are not so, not only eternally, but not even in this life?

Where you look for your own identity

The answer is very simple. We consider it important when we identify with it and thus it becomes our treasure.

There is a big difference between simply appreciating something and finding our identity in it. If I only appreciate one thing, in case I can’t have it, that won’t cause me any problems. If, on the other hand, I identify with something, not being able to have it or not being able to do it will upset me a lot.

The fan of a team identifies with that team. Not only does he enjoy watching games, but he considers himself a fan of that team, and it is part of his identity. He perceives it as HIS team, and considers a team victory as HIS victory. Therefore, the matches are very important to him. Not only does he look at them, but he talks about them with others. He feels great satisfaction or great sorrow depending on how the team he identifies with is doing. In fact, it becomes a treasure in his heart.

Many people seek their identity above all in appearance. Not only do they like a certain way of dressing or wearing their hair, but according to them, these aspects are part of their personality and therefore play an extremely important role for them. If for some reason such a person fails to have an appearance that mirrors the way he sees himself, he will feel uncomfortable.

Conversely, when someone does not identify with appearance in the least, if they happen to not be able to dress in a certain way, it will not be a problem for them. In fact, his way of dressing is neither a pleasure nor a particular burden for him.

Just look around us to see that this is the reality that surrounds us. People value what they identify with. This becomes their treasure, and controls their way of life.

So, it is extremely important to understand what we identify with, because that determines how we live and, therefore, will largely determine our eternity.

So, to each of you, I ask: “What do you identify with? Who are you? How do you identify yourself, not only in words but in your thoughts and in your heart? “

In reality, we don’t always really understand what we find our identity in. To recognize it, however, it is enough to note what is important to us, what excites us or weighs on us, what we think about and what we want to talk about.

The example of a wife and mother

To better understand how important it is to identify ourselves in the right things, think of the example of a woman who is also a wife and mother. If she finds her identity in being a wife and a mother, then she won’t need memories and stimuli to play that important role. Her husband will not have to call her every day from work to remind her to look after the children or to prepare dinner. Since she sees herself as a wife and mother, she will naturally play that role with commitment.

Instead, if that woman does not identify herself as wife and mother, then, it will be nearly impossible for her to play that important role well. Seeking her identity in other things, she will not naturally engage in what she should be doing at home, for her husband and children, and this will surely lead to many problems.

Our identity in Christ

So, keep in mind that what we identify with is extremely important. What we identify with determines how we live.

So I ask each of you: “Who are you? What is your identity? How do you identify yourself? In what are you looking for your identity? “

Before considering how you identify, keep in mind that if one does not identify with what they really are, their life will be a disaster.

Taking our example of a woman who is a wife and a mother, we could likewise give an example with a man who is also a husband and a father. If a woman who is a wife and mother does not identify herself as such, her life will be a disaster. He will not live as he should live, he will cause serious damage to his own life and to that of the people around him. So, it’s important to consider how you identify, but more importantly, it’s important that you identify yourself based on who you really are.

Today, I want to address you who have been saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. With God’s help, I want to talk about who we are in Christ Jesus, and what our true identity is. For you who do not have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, I pray that hearing the description of who it is who has Christ Jesus as Savior will inspire you to desire Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

For those who are truly saved, I pray that recognizing your true identity more will be a stimulus to live according to this identity, and not to seek your identity in what does not matter.

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