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What’s in Your Blind Spot- T.D Jakes

Blind spots. Blind spots are the places that we allow ourselves not to be changed. Areas that you won’t allow your faith to touch. When your faith is not penetrating and you don’t see it. Vengeance, anger, and hurt create blind spots.

I’m not talking about good people and evil people, right people and wrong people. I’m talking about places where there should be love, but there is pain, like maybe you are hurt.

I wonder what is in the blind spot. Who is suffering in your blind spot for the lack of something that you refuse to give? Some people are nicer to strangers than they are to their own family. How can you say that you love God and hate men?

Just because you are gifted, and just because you are anointed and just because you are successful, doesn’t mean you’re right. Just because you made a lot of money, doesn’t mean you are right. You cannot substitute chaos for righteousness. If God measures the saturation of our faith by the way we treat people, how deep is yours? How deep are you really?

What I’m asking you to do is to reflect on the mercy you have been given. The reason I have to be merciful is because I have received mercy. And every time I want to be judgmental, I keep remembering something God did in my life. Mercy doesn’t end with you; mercy begins with you. I think God wants to make you a sanctuary. He wants to make you a harder sanctuary. This is not about them, this is about you. God wants you to be free. What is in your blind spot?

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