Waiting Upon God’s Great Blessing (Part 2)

Spiritual warfare is when satan and his angels seek to interfere in an answer that God has given to you. The angel said; “From the first day that you prayed, God heard you.”

God does not need you to talk to him a thousand times before he hears. The moment you speak to Him, He hears.

Between the time He hears and the time you receive the answer, you have to deal with spiritual warfare.

Many times when people deal with spiritual warfare, they feel they have to fight that battle.

Spiritual warfare is the Lord’s battle. Your battle is to trust God, God’s battle is to release angels to fight on your behalf so that the answers that has been released for you would come to you. You would believe God for something and God would hear you and God would dispatch angels to watch over you.

There is going to be spiritual warfare but don’t be despair, trust God, hold on to His word, hold on to his promises and the battles of the heavenly’s would be fought and the angel of God would give you the victory.

Spiritual warfare can delay your miracle but cannot deny your miracle. Spiritual warfare can interfere in your miracle but it cannot stop your miracle from happening. When you stand in faith, God will fight for you.

Spiritual warfare can create an hindrance to our miracle.

Abraham(The father of faith) was called by God. Abraham was called by God and God promised him that he would give birth to a child and that child would bring the line of the Messiah into being. When Abraham heard this promise, he was 75 years old. However, it took Abraham 25 years to see this miracle come to pass.

Did Abraham have faith? Yes. If he had faith, why didn’t he have the child when God promised. Was it because his faith was weak, the Bible says Abraham did not stagger at the promise of God. In other words, Abraham never lacked faith.

So what delayed Abraham’s answer of his prayer?

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