Wait upon the Lord

Ps.27.14 – Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.
In life’s journey, everyone loves to embark on a journey of ease, a hitch-free journey, no u, ups, and downs.

Man loves everything at their disposal, no need to stress themselves, no need to be dependent on anyone. There is a particular point in man’s life when things you need are not at your disposal. Every man experiences a waiting period.

The waiting period is a time when things are not going as expected, it’s a time that many lose hope and courage. It can also be called a trying period.

  • The waiting period is a phase of growth, it teaches us in so many ways
  • To know and acknowledge the sovereignty of God
  • God is the creator of heaven and earth, He makes all things. He knows the end from the beginning. There is nothing about your life that is hidden from him. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He knew you, He knew what you will become. You do not exist alone, He gave you life. The waiting period helps you to know how sovereign God is, He is in control of all situations.
  • To be dependent on Him

  • Many at times believe they are in charge of what comes their way, they believe all must obey them even when God is not involved. waiting teaches men to depend on God for whatever they need. They get to acknowledge that they can’t achieve anything outside God
  • To be courageous

  • Courage is built up during the waiting period, when there is no challenge and you confess to be strong, it’s not accepted. The test of your courage is the waiting period to see if you will faint not, to see if you will not deny Christ, to see if you won’t go after other gods.

  • To be prayerful

  • The waiting period is a period of prayer, not a period of relaxation, not a period of sleeping but a period to seek the face of God, a period to be more diligent in the presence of God. The period of a great and better communion with Christ.
  • Are you in your waiting period? Wait upon the Lord, he sees all you are doing he will intervene in your matter, have the right attitude in your waiting period.

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