The power of planning by Bishop David Oyedepo

The power of planning by Bishop David Oyedepo
Insight is the greatest asset in the journey of life, people perish and go into captivity because they do not know.
The more you know, the exploit you command “those that know their God shall be great and do great exploit”, the more spiritual insight you gain the more spiritual authority you experience.
It’s all about knowledge, knowledge is key to everything, knowledge is everything.
Give a man money he will soon finish but give him an insight it is an inheritance, all the things that pertain to life and godliness are delivered by the channels of knowledge, not money, it’s important we continue to place value on knowledge.

Maximize the opportunities around you because exposure is the price for exploitation if we take our time to invest in our destinies and not operate by time and chance.
The insight I gain through the Copeland’s are inexhaustible resource and also my grandmother though I was the only one that had a bicycle and also an enviable boy back then so that I carry anyone on the bicycle the gave me a lady cycle I had some benefits and pleasures but was not compared to the nuggets of life that I gained from them, never depend on your father’s inheritance or you offer yourself to poverty were what she was telling me, your work is what determines your worth those were the things that made me.

In my series breaking new grounds part 6 if you have been following the first one is the power of self-image, the second one is the cost factor, third, the root power, power of information is the fourth and the fifth we had this morning is possibility mentality ant tonight lastly we would look at the power of planning.
planning is winning just as living is breathing that’s how vital planning is to any man’s purpose, the purpose is dead without a plan, planning empowers purpose to deliver it is impotent on its own, a planless farmer will be a failure because in farming you need to plan in season.
There’s a planting plan there should be a watering plan too in case rain fails there is still a watering plan to your planting so you can get your harvest.
Every building begins with a plan, any building that holds any value requires a plan.
He that built all things is God as every building requires a plan so also every business requires a business plan.
You manage well to grow big, you don’t grow big to manage well so start planning today.

Most businesses today are victims of poor planning, you need strategic planning to maximize your business endeavors, if you are not futuristic in your approach you can’t earn a future( futuristic planning). Good management guarantees good results.
The quality of management qualifies good results.
Time not well managed will be thrashed, money not well managed will be squandered, life not well managed will be wasted ie everything that must grow must be well managed.
Praying without planning is playing without knowing and planning without programming is living in the woods, and programming without pursuit is dining with the dead, planning, programming, pursuits and the result that is the routine keep doing it until you get to your last breath.
Prayer alone will make you a burden to God but planning makes you a co-laborer with God text- proverb 24:3-5.
The future of every enterprise is at the vision of wise planning, plan with the available resources per time.
The fact at your disposal determines the quality of your plan, your intellectual capacity determines the quality of your time, you need insight for your purpose not to be disappointed.
Nb- only those who sit to plan today that will not be disappointed tomorrow
Planning is winning, it is the secret behind the fulfillment of a dream.
Planning is the cheapest way to avoid wastage, a way of conserving energy, it releases one tension.
Planning is a design of a step by step approach to accomplishing a design goal or given task
No one succeeds by accident, shallow men think of luck while great men think of cause and effect
What makes a great plan?

  • the use of the brain( strategic thinking or reasoning) is the act of engaging in logical, rational, and analytical thinking.
    Every great planner must be a great reasoner, It is the use of the brain that enhances our planning. Every dedicated thinker will always emerge as a great thinker.
  • if you are not committed to mental work you will end up doing menial work, brain work makes things work.
    Success is not cheap it is brain work.
    God’s ways are not lower they are higher, spirituality is reasoning it not against reasoning.
    Plan today and play tomorrow, if you want a thing to work start from the beginning.
    Your true image is your product, not your posture.
    When God began creation you could see strategic thinking in place, anything you are creating requires strategic thinking as a baseline.
    Many have great plans but are not committed to it.

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