Hi friends, I know there might have been many
articles or books you have read on Knowledge,
but I will want you to open your mind to read this
article because I know it is going to bless your life
and change certain things in you. Please, I humbly
request that you ride with me. And I promise to make it as simple
as it can be for understanding , because of those who love
simple readings like me. Hm (winks).
Knowledge is acknowledgment, awareness, intellectual
understanding, familiarity, information, intercourse (as used in
the bible. Genesis 4:1, 17, 25).
When I was in secondary school, my teacher would beat me for
what he knew, and he would teach me again, but I still failed to
know. That lack of knowledge, which is ignorance, would make
me suffer his anger exhibited by his thirsty cane. But I would
always be spared because of the ones I knew.
When people say Knowledge is power, which you have probably
heard so many times, this is what they mean: Knowledge gives
you an edge over people who don’t know what you know. It
empowers a man. It is this knowledge that brings authority to
some people and cash to their accounts. Let me give you
another example. When your car breaks down or develop a fault
you involve a mechanic for a x up. He tells you what the problem
is and he charges you certain amount. You cannot argue the
charge with him because he knows what you don’t know, but the
only thing you can do is to ask him with humility to beat the
charge down a bit. But if you have the knowledge of what is
wrong with the car and the price of the part(s) needed to x it, you
will free yourself of spending much, you will only need to pay for
his workmanship, because you know.

Dear friend, lack of knowledge has robbed many of success,
manifestation of glory, and possession of good things. Lack of
knowledge has created unnecessary fear in the heart of so many
people, unnecessary spending and unnecessary suffering.
What do you want to say to a situation in which a prince is told he
is a slave, and then being used as a slave? He is not allowed to
have access to his father’s authority and wealth, because he
does not have the knowledge of his personality and place. See
friend, ignorance is the deadliest disease that a man can have,
and it is so costly. And I mean very very costly.
Your God, who is your Father said My people are destroyed
because they lack money? No. Because they lack power? No.

Because they could not pray and fast very well? No. Because they were too short or too tall? Of course not. Because of their sins?
Not at all. But He said “My people perish because they lack knowledge” – Hosea 4:6. The message translation of the bible puts it as
“My people are ruined because they don’t know what is right and true”. So it means what causes a ruin or destruction of life is lack of
knowledge. Because ignorance will lead a man to live a careless life that leads to destruction.
Note: To know about is different from to know.
Knowledge gives you power to see beyond deception; nobody can deceive you into danger and loss. The more knowledge you
have, the more power you have and the more powerful and respectable you become. The very interesting thing is there is no limit
to the amount of knowledge you can have; you can have as much as you seek for. A physically weak person with sound knowledge
can easily make use of a physically strong person without knowledge. Knowledge makes you a master over the rich, poor, strong,
weak, and whoever. Development is possible by knowledge, not physical strength or power. The source of every development,
growth or increase is knowledge.
Let’s get into the scripture for certain revelations.
Jesus, in John 8:32, says “you will KNOW the truth, and the truth will set you free. Mind you, not you will know
about the truth, but you will know the truth. Let me tell you this dear, deliverance or freedom comes by knowledge, not
by constant falling and rising when conducting deliverance service. Which means if people can have knowledge of
freedom there will not be a need for lining up for deliverance at any deliverance centre. So the reason why many
Christians still go for deliverance service is simply because they lack knowledge that they have already been freed or
delivered – Colossians 1:13
“He (God) has DELIVERED us from the power of darkness and CONVEYED us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love”.
Can you see that? HAS DELIVERED, not will deliver

Still on what Jesus said, as far as the bible is concerned Jesus is the Truth. So Jesus is saying the knowing of me (the Truth) is the
freedom of you from any oppression.
Please let that sink. The moment you can grab the knowledge of Jesus, that moment you know who you are. Because you are in
The reason why many nations conquered and were conquered in those days and these days is because of possession of
knowledge and the lacking of it.
Knowledge helps human beings to utilize the various forces of nature for the benet of humanity and themselves. The rise of
human beings as the most powerful living-beings on planet is only due to the knowledge and the proper application of knowledge.
Mind you, having Knowledge is not as useful as the application of it. In fact, application of Knowledge is what really produces the
Knowledge plays a vital role in every sphere of human life and activity. Knowledge has helped in the advancement and

development of civilization and culture. The application of it
has led man to the path of progress.

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