The Beauty of Life and Death (Part 2)

I’ve never been opportuned to witness a delivery but I’ve heard a lot of beautiful stories from different mothers about their delivery and the extraordinary joy they felt at the sight of their babies.

Even though I don’t have a child yet, I realised that there is this utmost contentment and fulfilment couples have when they bring a child or children into the world.

I tell you, the joy is just so exceptional!

When a baby is born, you see their breathtaking beauty and innocence. Parents excitingly think about the amazing and mind blowing packages life has got in stock for them, how and what to invest in the lives of their children. How they would spoil and pamper them with lots of goodies, what they are expected to eat and drink or not, the wonderful schools they would enrol them into and so on.

When we were little our parents thought or fantasized about all these and tried to give us the best they could.

Life they say is in stages!

So growing up to this very phase we are in right now, even though we’ve gone through a lot of hassel, you’ll agree with me that you’ve seen a lot of beauty in this life you’ve been given the privilege to be a partaker of which I believe you are grateful for.

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