Sacrifice and Love

Love and Sacrifice — When we talk about sacrifice what comes to mind is giving up something precious at a time of inconvenience for someone or some course you feel is worthy of such actions.

Now I know of a Man in the Bible in Genesis 22, Abraham, who needed a child, and was promised a child from God, tho this seemed almost impossible to Abraham and His wife because at the time, cause i mean these folks were stricken with old age, and logically being able to conceive a child was not a conceivable thought to them Hehehe, but Fast Forward Years down the Line, through ups and downs, the Promise Child was delivered, mehn that Angel took sooo long with the delivery if you ask me, But anyways as expected Abraham and His Wife Sarah were Extatic (filled with Joy), but here is the plot twist, GOD now told Abraham to sacrifice this Child of Promise on an Altar for HIM… What!? GOD literally told Abraham to Make Issac a Burnt offering for Him… Now I’m not a father but I know this would be Hard for Abraham, but Abraham complied, He accepted… Now it took Abraham and Issac three days to get to this place, and they had to Hike a mountain, now this was enough to make Abraham change His Mind… But He kept on with it, but the Amazing thing was that, Issac finding out daddy wanted to make Him a Barbeque to GOD accepted it also… Like what is Going on Here, who willingly accepts death, now note that Issac was still a young Lad at this time… I mean His whole life was still ahead of Him… But yet He chose death… Wow, But it all turned out GOD wanted to test Daddy Abraham cause He later provided a ram for the sacrifice and told Abraham not to slaughter Isaac, that this shows that Abraham really Loved Him.

The Key word here is Love,

Cause Fast forward Years and Years Later, we see a similar scene play out in the Life of a Man Named JESUS, you see GOD sooo Loved the world that He gave His Only Beggoten son, that whosoever believed in Him shall Have everlasting life, according to John 3:16, we all know how the story played out from there, which brings me to this, you cannot make a sacrifice if you do not have love, Love is Ultimate when it comes to sacrifice.

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