Love is a good thing! In fact, it is something to be
cherished! A beautiful gift with no stain from
God. There are times I try to imagine life without
love and I realize that I wouldn’t even be able to
imagine life without love if not for Love!
The love that God has showered on believers is what
makes us co-heirs with Christ in HIS kingdom.. How
Amazing! So beautiful!
Its thrilling to know that not only did God loves us but HE
has given us the chance to love others just as he does US..
And that is where the error set in… But listen! IT’S NOT
We believe that loving is a perfect gift given to us to do
wrong! Love is never an excuse to be an addicted Sinner.
We often take advantage of love to cheat others, to extort
them and to make matters worse; we also make them to
detest love! So disheartening!
A lot of people now make others see love not as a priceless
gift anymore but as the source of their Pain and Heartache.
So shameful!
Fathers claim to love their children and impose career
choices on them.
Mothers claim to love their children and blindly push them
to marrying rich men just for their comfort!
Children claim to love their parent but would never want to
take them in when they are aged.
Wives claim to love their husbands so much that they wish

for the death of their mothers in law before marriage.
Husbands claim to love their wives so much that they
cannot bear to see their wives employed forgetting that she
has toiled several years academically hoping to do the job
of her dreams to be happy.
These are errors that people call
If you love someone; his/her happiness would be your
priority. Enough of claiming to love when all you do I’d
Imposition is never a characteristics of love.
Love is beautiful! Oh yes! But it has been hijacked by most
people to do cruel things which was never part of what God
had in mind when he gave us that FREE GIFT!
The time has come for every one to stop waiting for
someone to be perfect before you can genuinely love
them; Its An Error. Because if God were to be like you, then
we all wouldn’t be here today preaching Grace. When we
didn’t even deserve to be loved, HE loved us- ‘While we
were yet sinners, Christ loved us’.. A sinner is an imperfect
being but still a perfect being loved and he is still very much
in love with us despite us being IMPERFECT AND
Until all these errors are corrected; it will move to another
generation and eventually become a Tradition… No matter
what, our only Doctrine, Tradition should and must be
LOVE. Its time to bid the Errors farewell!

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