If you have just met Christ or are returning to Him after a period of crisis and bewilderment, if you are trying to solve a problem or to put your life in order, this moment for you can represent the beginning of a new and lasting relationship with Jesus. Christ . Jesus said,

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”
 (John 10:10).

God therefore wants you to enjoy a full and fulfilling life and has arranged everything for you to be able to do so.
Here are some things to know about this new life.

First, the Bible is food for the spiritual life:

which needs nourishment like the body. Through his Word , God will speak and will reveal the plans he has for your life. I would advise you to read the Gospel of John before tackling any other books in the Bible. Later, you can continue to devote yourself to your daily Bible study by trying to read at least one chapter a day. Start now as, to the extent that you learn and remember, the Bible will help you grow and make you a believer that is useful to yourself and to the community.

Christians must be witnesses of Christ:

wherever they go they are its ambassadors . This does not mean that you will have to wander the streets of the city preaching to all the passers-by. It does mean , however, that you will actually have to start living a different life; pray every day for a chance to talk about Christ and take the opportunities God will give you to do so!

By faithfully continuing to study and memorize the scriptures, you will acquire all the tools you need .

Prayer keeps us anchored to God.

Get into the healthy habit of starting each new day by spending a few minutes in prayer. At first it may seem strange to have a conversation with God, and it may be difficult for you to find something to say to him. Over time, however, your prayers will become more expressive . So start each day with prayer and learn to pray during the day according to your needs. Take all your problems and worries to God because God cares about everything you do. Throw all your worries on Him , for He cares for you (see1 Peter 5:7 ).

One cannot be an effective Christian if one is alone.

If still you did not, you become part of a church that is proclaimed with fidelity the Word of God . The step of faith you have just taken will not automatically lead to the solution of all your problems. In fact, you may even find you have new ones! You will find that Satan (the devil, enemy of God , and yours too) will try to spoil the work God is doing in you and make you seriously doubt your faith in Christ . There is only one way to defeat Satan – God’s Word . Follow Jesus’ example when he retired to the wilderness: whenever tempted by the devil, Jesus reminded himself of God ‘s Word by quoting the scriptures (see Matthew 4:4,7,10 ). Memorize the promises of God , so you’ll be able to counter every temptation . Learn to turn to the scriptures by holding on to them as an anchor for your faith . God pour out all blessings on you and help you in this step of faith .

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