God wants to meet you (yes, you, personally!) Every day. The very thought may surprise you … However, if you think about it, you shouldn’t find it all that strange. In fact, when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you become part of the family of God , of the children of God . And you can call God ” Father “! Every good parent wants to spend time with their children. Sometimes he wants them all gathered around him but often he likes to meet them face to face. This is the only way to get to know someone well: spending time alone with them. The best way to know your Heavenly Father is to spend time alone with Him . You can do this by reading his Word and speaking to him in prayer. You can pray to God at any time of day: on your way to work, preparing dinner, doing laundry or at school … nevertheless every day you need to find a specific time, free from distractions, to devote only to Sir .

Perhaps the ideal time for you to dedicate to the Lord is in the morning (when you feel fresh and rested), before dedicating yourself to your daily activities. Or maybe the ideal time for you is in the evening , when you take stock of the day, make plans for the next day and get ready for a night’s rest. Whatever time of day you choose, be consistent in your appointments with God . To pray, Jesus got up early in the morning and often went to a secluded place (see Luke 5:16 ) – this is a good example to follow! To spend time alone with God no strict protocol is required, any more than is necessary to spend time with an earthly parent. Of course, at the beginning it will take two words of greeting, a short prayer with which to ask God to bless the time you are about to spend together.

You may not know what to talk about with God …
at this point, you may find some useful suggestions:

• You can praise Him for who He is, that is, the one who, despite being the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, is interested in everyone. we!

• You can thank him for everything he has already done, continues to do and promised to do for you.

• You can confess your mistakes, the things you regret having said, done or thought. God assures us that he can and will forgive our sins (see 1 John 1:9 ).

• You can pray for your family . We have a special obligation to pray for those around us.

• You can pray for others (friends, neighbors, acquaintances who are in both material and spiritual need).

• Of course you can pray for yourself . Ask God to guide and advise you for the day ahead.

Ask him to help you deal with your every problem, to present you with opportunities to serve him.

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