Emptiness and Vanity!

Our cars are just parked there, no where to go to. The private jets are lying in waste, air spaces are all shut, every country nursing its citizens and fighting an unseen tiny enemy.

Each man is confined to a room in those big mansions and the designers ; clothes , bags , shoes , perfumes and make-up kits have all become useless and serving no purpose.

No more urgent appointments and business meetings that deprive us of time with God and family.

No parties to attend and hangouts to meet up with friends, no more convoys and sirens , even the money stocked away in the accounts and soak aways are useless…

Even our expansive and expensive church auditoriums are empty, it is now each man with his God in truth and in spirit.

All we need today is food and air to breathe , we just want to be alive . Nothing else is really important.

This world has never been vanity as it is today!

Good news is; we all have one more chance to introspect, to reflect and ask yourself why does God need to keep me alive through this? To marry or buy new cars or perhaps finish my doctorate or bachelors degree?

What is my purpose in life now and after Covid-19?

Why does God need to spare me and allow others die?

Of what value am I to humanity and to God and His kingdom that should make God to spare me?

Let us pray and repent and seek a more purposeful living after Covid-19.

Covid-19 is just a tip of what is to come if you miss heaven

#DoYourPartStaySafe #GodWillHealOurLand

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