The greatest mistake you can make is to have no dreams for the future and do nothing to make anything in your life better. The God we serve is a bug one and he is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.
Little thinkers live little lives, that is why I am recommending you to think big thoughts, dream big dreams and make big plans. If you have no positive dreams for the future, you will either stay where you are or begin to slide backward.
Don’t be a passive person who would like to see something good happen and all they just do is to sit and remain where they are and wait to see if the good thing will happen. Being passive is very dangerous and these people can be likened to ‘walking corpses’, because there is a type of deadness inside them that is continually stopping them from being active.
Pasitivity can be accompanied by depression, discouragement, self-pity, blame, excuses and laziness. If you are passive or you have someone that is passive, you need to understand that you can only break through if you trust God and do all you can to break through. Be energized by the spirit of God and be enthusiastic about life. God gives creative ideas and big dreams. All you have to do is to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. Everything in life is not a matter of chance. Have a positive attitude about yourself and your abilities.
There is power in the tongue, confess everyday that ‘You’re creative’ and pray to God to give you creative ideas. Pray for creative ideas, don’t wait for some great idea to fall into your mind but search for one. Think about what you can do and believe you can do it. It simply starts with a dream. Dream big but don’t forget to celebrate the small steps of success along the way.
When you place your will in agreement with God’s will, there is absolutely nothing in this world that can stop you from succeeding in life.
Know off a surety that you aren’t building castles in the air. Your dream may seem impossible now, but know that it will soon become imminent.
Dream Big to make it Big.
Believe in yourself! Yes, you can.

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