Defend your portion by pastor mensa ota part 2

Some of us have to be successful so that the pattern in our family’s history will change. You have to stand and say, if everybody flee you will stand to fight and win.
You must fight, win and defend the battle. It is not only because of you, but because of your generation.
Why do people loose their portion?

  • Because of discouragement by the reason of their attack:- we are all fighting different battles. You have to fight, don’t get discouraged even if you have to fight for everything. When seeing others doing somethings you fight to do with ease, don’t get discouraged, you have to fight and win not because of you alone but because of the generation coming after you; who are going to be faced with the same giants, so you have to fight and win for them.
    -Because of diverted focus and attention :- most people get diverted with so many things and lose what God has given them. People marry and get diverted because of boring bed, spouse e.t.c . Don’t get diverted, when you do that you loose your passion.
  • Diminished passion or interest:- whatever God has given you, if passion is lost you will loose them and won’t be able to defend them, devote more time to whatever God has given you, you have to be passionate and keep it.
  • Because they disdain their gifts and calling:- some people loose what they have, because they disdain what they have and many times they do that because they are comparing themselves with other people. In life, some people will have what you don’t have.
    The fact that you like what you have does not mean it’s not good or you won’t see something better.
    Listen to me married people, in your eyes, your wife is the best but it doesn’t mean there are no beautiful women out there, and vice verse.
    If you despise what you have, you will be interested in something else.
    People loose what they have because they despise it, they complain it is not big, it’s too small, it’s not as good as somebody else’s own, your marriage doesn’t seem good like the other person.

  • – in life there are always pretence, people tend to be someone else outside and completely different inside.
    So don’t disdain what you have as bad as you think it is, it is God’s gift to you.
    I am just here to let you know that whatever God has given you, you have to fight to keep it and don’t make excuses, it may be the only opportunity you have, fight for it and defend it.
    Where and how you position yourself is importanr – if you win, God takes the glory.
  • If you loose, satan takes the glory.
    Shama defends strategies, what did he do?
    -he accepted personal responsibility:- he was willing to die on his field. In life, nobody will help you nor encourage you, if you want to make it, it is your fight.
    Nobody is going to fight for you, it’s your fight, nobody can care for you like you. It’s your life, nobody will help you succeed, it’s your responsibility. When enemy comes, friends will leave. Let them leave, don’t be angry about it, position yourself where God has kept you.
  • he defended his ground:- Defense is not the same as attack. Before he attacked, he defended what God has given him, he protected it and made sure all he has was secured.
    He pushed the enemy backward,he told him you can’t come in to take my possession. You have to learn to push.
  • he killed the Philistines:- He attacked, he started going against what was attacking him, don’t just leave your self to be attacked by people. Don’t let people attack you because you are a child of God. Don’t loose your portion, whatever God gives you must defend, protect.
    Your victory is God’s victory, your success is God’s success, your favour is God’s favour.
    When we win the battle, then people know the God we serve.

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