Covid-19: The Life Lesson

I thought it wise to check on you especially at this challenging time where the whole world is faced with a pandemic that threatens our collective existence like never before. I hope you and yours are safe and sound? All shall be well!

Historians have asserted that the last time this kind of pandemic happened, was over a century ago. Guess what? they overcame it then, we will overcome it again now!

I want to encourage you to kindly take all necessary precautions as prescribed by the WHO (World Health Organization). I will not bore you with the list as I want to believe you already know them by now.

Please permit me to share just one life lesson amongst so many other lessons that this pandemic is here to teach us:

What affects one truly affects all. In this world where most people like to mind their own business and enjoy their privacy, this pandemic have suddenly reminded us what matters most, human lives!!! Nothing in this world compares in value to human life. By extension, nothing in this world compares to valuing each other.

I love my privacy and I guess you do too, but have you noticed that what affects one has suddenly affected the rest of us. This pandemic started like a joke in the city of Wuhan, China since November, 2019 while the rest of the world carried on with ” I don’t care attitude” and even make jokes about it until it is is now affecting us all. Only if we rallied round China and collectively helped them fight it, maybe, just maybe, we all would not be here now. Suddenly everyone is now encouraged to be their brothers keepers when it dawned on us that we are all in this together.

Everything we thought really mattered, suddenly has lost value to us because our lives are collectively threatened. Can you imagine that we have suddenly realized that we only have one collective enemy now? The COVID-19 is our common enemy. See how we all threw away our differences to focus and fight our common enemies. Only if this is our usual approach, trust me the world would have being a better place for all to live.

The truth is that: human beings are the most invaluable asset you can have! Don’t joke with this ever again in life!


To keep quiet because you think something wrong does not affect you now, is to not only indirectly encourage evil but to also unconsciously postpone your own date with such evil.

Further more, it is wicked to be unperturbed, unconcerned and play avoidance when what collectively affects us happens. Today we all are forced to stay at home because we failed to rise to address this pandemic collectively when it started with one!

Indeed what affects one truly will affect all soon if all keeps quiet and do nothing now! I hope this lesson is learnt?

It is my hope that after this pandemic (trust me their will be life after this pandemic), we can truly adjust our ways and focus on what matters most- being our brothers keeper especially in collectively addressing matters that can collectively disrupt our privacy, peace and even our lives if we do nothing when it is affecting one!

It was Edmund Burke that said and I quote: “The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph is For Good Men To Do Nothing”

I want to encourage you to choose to be part of the GOOD MEN today and always!

Thank you all and please stay safe.


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