Choices Part 4: Who You Choose To Welcome Into Your Life

Choices Part 4: Who You Choose To Welcome Into Your Life
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The third important choice, the big one is whom you choose to welcome into your life. It’s a choice whom you choose to welcome into your life. Many people will be presented to you in life, you have a choice as to the depth or level of relationship you want to have with them.

21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. 22 Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He [a]made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.

23 And Adam said:

“This is now bone of my bones
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called [b]Woman,
Because she was taken out of [c]Man.”

Genesis 2:21-23 New King James Version (NKJV)

You choose who you welcome into your life. It´s an important choice. You choose whom you want to welcome into your life; your spouse, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. There are some people you come packaged with, your parents, your siblings and some relatives but even then you can choose what level of relationship you want to have with them subsequently. Because if you are like Joseph and your brothers want to kill you, you have to choose how to relate with your brothers. You have to understand that people enter your life with all that they are – good and bad. People are a package. They come into your life with their strength and their weaknesses and since no one is perfect, you can be sure that no perfect person will come into your life.

However, some people will come into your life with so much negativity that they can disrupt the rhythm of your life. You always have to remember that friendship is not by force. You are going to be presented with people, and you are going to decide whether you say this is bone of my bones or you will say thank you Lord for presenting them but I don’t want him in my life. You choose the people who come into your life. The people who are in your life have a profound impact on your life, believe you me.

They have a profound impact on your life because the people in your life are the gatekeepers to your life to your wisdom, to your moods, to your actions. They act as your filters. After you’ve thought through an issue, you will normally talk to someone about it because each one of us as human beings has something in us that wants permission for us to act; we always look or permission. So, if I am making a decision, I will think it through myself and I’m sure each one of us does that, and then I come to some concept or some conclusion that this is what I want to do. But normally, you will talk to somebody about it. Now, why do you talk to the person about it? Because you want somebody to give you permission to do it. So the people around you are your gatekeepers, they decide the kind of wisdom you operate with and the kind of wisdom you do not have access to.

So, let’s say for example somebody has done something against you, let me use this example maybe you are a wife and news gets to you that your husband is dating another lady and you think it through in your mind and as you are thinking it through, you are getting angry which is normal. So all kinds of measures are developing in your mind, including go and see the woman, match to her before she talks give her three slaps.  Out of anger, you say I’m going to face her, I’m going to slap her, you haven’t verified, haven’t really determined whether the rumour is true you’ve determined your cause of action.

 Normally you will talk to somebody, if the person is a violent person, she’ll say yes let us go and that’s your wisdom because that’s the person you’ve surrounded around you, an angry vindictive person, violent person. So they say let us go, so you go and do the slapping. Now maybe later when you find out it wasn’t true.

Now if on the other hand, you had a more spiritually-minded, mature person, the person will say cool down let me go and find this out and let me talk to your husband about it. Now that person’s approach will determine what you do and the consequences will follow later.

What I’m saying basically is that the people you allow in your life will determine what you feel permitted to do. If you are a man and all the men around you are womanizing, you will feel permitted to womanize. If everybody around you is a thief, you’ll feel permitted to steal because human beings are always looking for permission and the groups you’re in are your permitters.

So you have to choose whom you bring into your life and whom you keep at the door, it´s a big choice. You have to do a friendship audit, a relationship audit and choose. There are some people in your life you know they are too temperamental, you have to keep them at a certain distance because you know you are also temperamental and the two of you are not a good mix. You know you are suspicious the other person is also suspicious; you know that it is not a good mix. So if you go and tell the person hey this woman she’s a witch, you know your friend will say I saw it in a vision so that’s what you are going to get. At that time you’ve solidified your decision, you’ve decided. However if you talk to another person who is like, do you really think so, why do you think so and starts to really reason with you, you may moderate your opinion.

It´s a very big choice, you choose the people you welcome into your life. These are the big choices we have to make. I’m not talking about what shoes to wear but I’m talking about what you feed on, how you call the things that come your way, the label you put on things and the kind of people you welcome into your life. These are the three big choices we have to make.

And in conclusion let me say this, we live the lives we choose. You say but I haven’t made a choice, that’s a choice. Maybe somebody made a choice for you, maybe your parents made a choice for you, if you didn’t change it, you’ve chosen it. Whatever that happens to you right now, you have a choice in it. Don’t blame people, it´s you. It’s your choices or lack of choices.

Secondly, our choices have consequences, especially in these three big areas. What we choose to feed on, how we label things and the people we welcome into our lives.

Thirdly and the most serious is that, our choices can have trans-generational consequences especially in these three areas. Something we do today can continue to have an effect for a thousand years from now, good or bad. So ask yourselves these three important questions; what am I feeding on? Is this the kind of words I should be listening to every day? Is this how I should feed my mind, what am I feeding on? If you don’t like it, change your diet; go for the right words to feed on.

Ask yourselves, how do I label the things around me? Everything seems impossible and too hard, if that’s how you label life, then every little problem will seem like impossibility to you. Problems you can solve will be left unsolved. How do you label things? And the third thing you have to ask yourself, who are the people in my life? Are they helping me? Should I have to do some shift and move some people out and bring some people in? Who are the people in my life? How do they affect my life? How do they affect my wisdom? Do they bring the worst in me or the best in me?

That’s a choice. In these three areas, you have a choice and these are the three first important decisions that confronted Adam and these are the three important decisions that will confront you for the rest of your life. Take time, think through them, ponder them and make the right choices. God bless you.

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