Choices Part 3: How You Choose To Call The Things That Come Your Way

The second big choice you have to make is how you choose to call the things that come your way. It is a very important choice.

19 Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to [a]Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.

Genesis 2:19 New King James Version (NKJV)

God did not call the fields, God just brought them. Adam had to name them, it’s a choice. How do you name things? The label you allow to be placed on you will stick on you. You cannot rise above the way you see yourself. You cannot live a life beyond the label you have accepted. If you wear the label of weak, you will be weak. If you wear the label of poor, you will be poor. So when you are talking and you say we the poor people, we the poor masses, innocent masses, you are labeling yourself.

You are not innocent masses, you have a brain and you are not a mass, you are an individual. If you want to live the life of the masses, God bless, you can go ahead and live a life of the masses but as for me, I choose to leave the life of Mensa Otabil, not the life of the masses.

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What label have you accepted? God said to Adam whatever you name it that is the name. If you call it a bull, It´s a bull. If you call it a cow, it’s a cow. Whatever you name it, that is how it’s going to be.

In life, you are going to be faced with a lot of situations and you have to name them. The children of Israel were told to go to the promised land and God told them the promised land was given to them. Before them, Moses sent twelve spies to go and spite on the land. They came back, ten of the spies said the land we went in was great but the people were giants. They label what was presented to them, giants. When you call your problem a giant problem you will feel like a dwarf. And so they said we were like grasshoppers in our own eyes and so were we before them.

If you label yourself a grasshopper, every problem will look like a giant. Forty years later two spies were sent by Joshua to the same place and these people who Israel said were giants said to the two spies forty years ago we heard of you and we were scared of you, we were afraid of you, as a result, we built walls and we’ve been locking our doors for forty years because we heard about you coming out of the red sea and what God had done for you and we were afraid.

Now the people you call giants were afraid of you but because you labeled them giants you feel like a grasshopper. What do you call the things that come your way?

Things will come your way, oh there will be problems, there will be challenges, and there will be difficulties. You will be born into situations, you will live in situations, and you will go through all kinds of things in this life, life will present its own set of challenges but for each one of them, you have to name them.

Joshua named the people that were called giants, Joshua said they are meat for us. One group says they are giants and another says they are meat, their attitude will be different. If they are giants you’re going to run, if they are meats you will take it and eat. You have to choose how you label your life.

Remove labels such as “ I’m a poor man´s son´´, and all kinds of negative labels you’ve placed on yourself. God didn’t create you that way, you chose it. But if you want to label yourself that way, go ahead it’s a free world but remember that the label is going to stick on to you.

Many of us the battles we´re fighting are not the real issue of life, it is the label we have put on ourselves, you have a choice. There may be times you don’t have money, there may be times where you don’t feel well in your body but, the Bible says, let the weak say I am strong. It didn’t say let the weak say I am weak, oh no. Let the poor say I am rich, why because the label you put on your self will speak on you. You have a choice as to how you name the things that come your way.

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I hear that fuel utility prices may go up by some huge percentage. Some people will hear that and say we are dead. I’m not excusing the policymakers, that is their issue but what I’m saying is the way I label it. Will it create distortions in my finances? Yes. Will it create distortions for business people? Yes. But you have to label it right. It is a challenge, it is a mountain and this mountain shall be moved.

You have to label your life situations right. God said to Adam, whatever you call it, that’s how it is. I created it I brought it to you; you determine how you want to call it. If you want to call yourself an orphan, that’s your problem. Or you want to call yourself incapable, that’s your problem. If you want to call yourself weak, that’s your choice. But, remember the label will stick.

The script you accept as your role will determine how you act in life. It is very important. A character in William Shakespeare’s play uttered these words`

 The whole world is a stage, and all the men and women merely actors. They have their exits and their entrances, and in his lifetime a man will play many parts, his life separated into seven acts.“

That’s what Williams Shakespeare said and there is some truth in that. If it is so that all the life we are living in is a stage and we are playing parts then you have to choose which part you play. Because the part you play will determine how you behave.

The other time I saw a movie about this gentleman called Jim Caviezel and he was acting like a crook and it bothered me, you know, I couldn’t handle it. You say who is Jim Caviezel, he’s the guy who played Christ in the PASSION OF THE CHRIST. So I look at him and said, this guy is the son of God why is he a crook here? It’s the script. Somebody gave him a script that says today you are the son of God you behave like the son of God. The next time somebody gave him a script and says you are a crook, he’s a crook.

In life, you play the role based on the script you decide to act out of. What script are you acting out of? Whose script are you acting, is it your father’s script? Is it your teacher’s script, or is it your mother’s scrip? Is it your tribal script? You come from a tribe and the script is everybody has to be a watch so you were born and you were handed over the script. Oh yes, and that script is handed over to you and you become a watchman. You come from a tribe and everybody is a fisherman or you come from an area, the moment you were born they have the script piled up. They said, oh you have come, we welcome you, this is your script. So if you don’t choose, you accept that as if that is the only option available. And you go through life, you are a watchman, you are a fisherman, you are defeated because somebody gave you a script.

But I’m here to announce to you, you have a choice. That label you want to receive, you can see that script and say thank you, family, thank you tribe, but no thanks. And you can go to God the chief producer and say God give me my original script. And in that original script, you are the head and not the tail, you are above only, you are blessed you are not cursed. You have to choose the right script; don’t choose the script of a crook. If your father was a crook, a thief, or an armed robber; and by the way crooks, thieves and armed robbers produce children, If your father was that, you were born after he came from night duty.

The man just went to steal and you got conceived right after that, the script is being written. So you were born after that and you’re handed over the script, you will be a thief. And some people take that script and live it out and say my father was angry, my father couldn’t marry one woman, which is the script your father left.

You can choose to read it and act it or you can take that script and burn it and go to the chief producer himself and say, God, I want a new script for myself, it’s a choice you have to make.

Just look at your life, whose script have you been acting? Your father didn’t hand you a good script, he decided not to take you to school, that’s a script but you need to get a new script and educate yourself.

Whatever label you accept for your self will stick and It´s a choice. You have a choice of what you feed on. You have a choice on how you label things. If every problem you face, you say I’m dead, I’m finished, this thing will kill me, and sometimes, you talk to people and they say I’m being honest, I say where is the honesty? Who told you that this problem is supposed to kill you? It has come, and in the Bible when things come, there is another phrase that says, and it came to pass. It came to pass it didn’t come to stay. So if you decide you are going to let it kill you, that’s your choice but I’m not going to label things that way for my life and you have a choice in this matter.

You have a choice, two big choices. First, what you feed on, secondly how you label and name things. These are two important choices, those are the first choices Adam had to make. What to eat, and how to call the things that come his way.

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