Called To Be Image Bearers

Most people live their entire lives without the knowledge of the sole reason they’ve been created. They live each day without the realisation of God’s purpose for their existence.

In the very beginning, God created human beings in His own image, male and female alike (Gen. 1:26). Humanity is His most cherished creation!

Sadly, the first family on earth, Adam and Eve, fell and sin entered the world which led to human beings committing sin and collectively rebelling against God, resulting in God scattering languages, cultures and ethnicities.

As God’s image-bearers, we are all equal. We all have been created for God’s glory. As God’s own beloved children, our primary purpose in life is to reveal who God is in every of our dealings.

He didn’t have to give us aspects of Himself, but He did. He created us to reflect aspects of His beauty and character.

How Do We Reflect God?

Our primary vocation is to love, love God, and love all those around us. Love is not tangible. You cannot directly quantify its impact and immediately see its results.

But it matters, and it is also our greatest commandment. It is what we’ve been called to do through our mission.

We have the honor through loving, to reflect God into the world, and there is nothing that could matter more. We are His sons and daughters, and we are made in His image and likeness.

All facets of society need image bearers who genuinely love the other. We need to love each person we come in contact with in this manner.

We are currently in a society that place more value on the things we do in public more than the ones we do in private. Our worth is based on our achievements or what we do. Our value is based on our usefulness to the society at large, not to individuals, which sometimes can be hard to contend with.

But the question is; Does it bring us happiness and fulfilment?

I understand the fact that everyone wants to be happy but the honest truth is, real happiness and fulfilment comes from understanding and exhibiting your mission here on earth – Being God’s Ambassadors.

We are ambassadors, which means God placed us on earth to act as His representatives who would reflect Him and represent Him as we steward the earth.

God has commanded us to exercise dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:26-28). As we care for, provide oversight of, and generally rule the earth in a manner that works for its good we are imaging how God rules the universe.

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