One of the most frequently asked questions
in the universe today is, who are you?
Despite this, only few can adequately
provide the right answer to it. You are who
you think you are; Proverbs23:7a “As a
man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, as an
individual, you are a person and who also
possesses a quality different from other persons and has
his or her own needs or goals. However, there are
different stages in the life of an individual, which are :
birth, growth, fruitfulness and death, we will discuss each
stage briey and how you can know who you are.
Birth: from conception to delivery, life as it were, is
gradually developed in the foetus and in due time comes
into existence, a child. We all came through birth, but
there is a uniqueness each individual carries, to know
who you are, existence and motion is needed. Since a
new born baby communicates mostly through smiles and
cry; so is the journeying to discovering yourself. Growth:
growth is a fundamental characteristic of a living thing
without which there will be no progress; to grow as an
individual, you need to be supplied with nutrients which
are ;knowledge, skills, discipline, focus and food. To
grow well, challenges/battles are not left out as it helps
us to conquer fear and see what it means to fail. Have
you failed before? Don’t be discouraged, brace up and

Fight the battle until you win; A failure is one who fails and
gives up. Never let the failure wreck your faith and joy, the
best gift you can ever give yourself is happiness.
Fruitfulness: A tree bears fruit, so does human
gives birth; there is nothing stopping you from being
fruitful except you don’t want to; you can be fruitful when
you mentor others and make them discover the purpose
for which they are created. It is the best gift you can offer
to any man.
Death: this is the final stage of living, as records
whether bad or good about you are accounted for either
by friends or by close relations. Store up treasures that
will spring into eternity. Knowing your self-worth and
utilizing your gifts for the betterment of the society is one
of the most outstanding accomplishments one can ever
have here on earth. A wealthy man empties his purse into
his brain (feeds his mind with knowledge), the problem
we face in the world today is largely attributed to us trying
to live the life of others and not our life. Let generations
live up to expectation by discovering themselves earlier
and raising up others to do same. The best you can be of
another person is a second class, why not strive to be a
first class of yourself .Being yourself is peaceful and

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