Ashamed of the scars

A widow mom leaves her house and goes to fetch water, leaving her only child asleep. On her return, she found a large crowd around her burning house. On the inside, her son is about to die in the fire. Throwing her bowl of water on the floor, and crying, she wants to get into the burning house to look for her son.

Everyone keeps saying, “You’re going to die too, the fire is very great.” Escaping from their hands, she enters the fire and wrapped her son in a blanket. The child, tight against her breast, is not touched by the fire. Mummy comes out severely burnt and is only narrowly saved; thanks to the care of the hospital, but she lives with scars and unrecognizable.

Many years passed. The child, under the guidance of his mother, completed his studies and was appointed minister. He organized a party at his villa on his appointment, and invited all the dignitaries of the city and his friends.

While they were in full party, noises were heard at the door of the entrance to the villa. The son was forced to go and resolve the situation. He found that the security officers were preventing his mother from joining the party. He had not invited her but she also wanted to join the party.

Faced with this situation in front of his guests, he said tenderly to his mother: “Please, Mom, I would be ashamed to have you appear before my friends. We can discuss later. ” And in secret, he ordered the security services to throw out his mother because of her scars …

What inspires you in this story? This woman represents Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for you and I. Today, what place do you give him in your life? It is He who has received the scars because of you and me.

If you are ashamed of Him, keep this message and don’t send it to anyone. If you are not ashamed of the scars of Jesus Christ, if you have received Him as your Lord and Savior in your heart, share this message to your contacts.

Jesus Christ said in Mark 8: 38:
“… For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the Holy angels. “

Psalm 126. God asked me to tell you: That everything will be alright from now on… You’re to be victorious and will achieve all your goals. Today, Jesus Christ visited your home. On his way out, he took all your problems with him. Do me a favor. Trust God and share this message with fifteen friends of yours

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