The Beauty of Life and Death – (Part 4)

I know right now you have lots of questions like; what about those that kicked the bucket by accident or by kidnapping or by explosion or by armed robbers or by slumping and so on. It’s a pity that the world we are in today is a big mess.

It is so painful and heartbreaking, knowing that the devil goes at any length to push people to commit a lot of atrocities by killing their fellow kind or make them make costly mistakes that eventually cost their lives but the truth is, in the midst of all these battles we will never cease praying for a peaceful death. You have the right, I have the right to a peaceful death.

Sometimes even though we try to comprehend, the truth is we cannot understand the ways of God because it differs from that of Man. Isaiah 55: 8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. (NIV)

He willingly takes away some of our dear loved ones when He feels it’s time for them to go home to Him. This ends up creating a very big hole in our hearts because we know that is the end of our sight of them here on earth till we meet again to part no more.

Nevertheless, the way we live our lives also determine the kind of death we experience. When an individual dies he/she experiences peace from the world, there won’t be concerns about what they might become or not.

Death is peaceful but no matter how one experiences death, if one lives his/her life to God’s purpose then he/she has experienced a good death.

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