The Beauty of Life And Death – (Part 3)

Imagine me saying a prayer like this, “YOU WILL DIE IN JESUS NAME!” You’ll open your eyes, raise your eyebrows and shout “God forbid, I reject it in Jesus name”. But if I say “YOU WILL DIE A PEACEFUL DEATH IN JESUS NAME!” I know you will say, amen and still say but not now in Jesus name(lol).

Truth is not everyone will grow the way we imagined it. In death we all have our appointed time and when the time is up, we are left with no choice than to let go.

Literally, nobody wants to die. We feel we have a lot of things to achieve and purpose to fulfill in this life. The thought of being no more and missing a lot of people when they die makes people freak out sometimes.

But the bitter sweet truth is you have to prepare yourself for death. Death is a respecter of no man and can comes like a thief in the night. That is why we are encouraged to live our lives like we’re going to die the next second. We must not be caught unawares, prepare your mind because it can happen at anytime.

So live and stay ready!

In 2014, God blessed me with the opportunity of experiencing the transitioning of my grandma from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. Before, I used to have the understanding that when a person is about to die, he or she gnashes his teeth, gaps for breath and then eventually dies but my mindset changed when I saw my grandma transitioning from the physical life to the spiritual life. It was a glorious view to behold. I can never forget that day because I saw beauty and glory in death.

One of my aunts and myself bathed for my grandma, after that she requested for her favourite meal; pounded yam and egusi soup (a kind of vegetable soup) with a bottle of chilled malt, asked my aunt to pick up her hymn book and sing her some hymns, she then laid down on the bed, rose up her hands enjoying the rhythm of the hymns, starred at her opened window, brought down her hands, closed her eyes and gave up the ghost without us even noticing (we thought she was actually asleep) while we were all seated round her.

What a marvelous sight to cherish. You know, I always count myself lucky to experience such glorious exit.

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